The Hatchery In The Huffington Post!

Twenty seventeen is off to a good start! Not only did we get a lovely shoutout in the On The Page podcast, we also got featured in The Huffington Post! In their article on the new wave of coworking spaces targeted to niches, HufPo featured the following words on yours truly:

“Talia Bolnick and her mother co-founded The Hatchery Press, a coworking space in Hollywood for writers only. She founded the space because she could no longer stand the isolation of writing at home.

Bolnick has shooed away the Hollywood producers, graphic designers and startup owners who have wanted in. “If you’re not here to write, you can’t be a member,” she said. That’s better for business, she said, because tighter community means less attrition. “What you get is a community that already has something in common.”

For $350 per month on a month-to-month basis, members get a quiet place to write — hence the no cell phone policy. Desks are set up to minimize awkward eye contact.

Many of the 120 members are working on screenplays, while others busy with novels. One is a medical journal editor, and a few members, including a former MTV veejay, are just keeping journals.

Putting writers in close quarters can sometimes cause distraction. “We have one very charismatic procrastinator who’s always looping people in and talking about how K-pop relates to misogyny for hours,” Bolnick said.


Read the full article here.